Honors and Accolades


I get to work with adults a lot, which is great.  It’s nice to talk with other educators about what they do and to see the fantastic things that they are capable of. And sometimes I hear from them that what I’ve done is good.  That’s a boost to the spirits.

I also get to work some with college students, who are adult-ish.  It can be humbling and exhausting to work alongside a 20 year old. And sometimes they tell me they enjoyed a class or appreciated something about the work we did.  And that is very gratifying.

And sometimes, when I’m really lucky, I get to work with kids.  I get to struggle with materials, manage chaos, deal with behavior, etc. but we make stuff.  And sometimes, just sometimes, a kid tells me that they like something that I did.  When I hear that, I know I did something right.  Kids are honest critics and enthusiastic fans, and the standards by which they judge your work are their own.  I once showed a class of kindergarteners how to draw a face.  I didn’t think much of what I was doing, but they applauded.  It took days for my head to come down again to normal size.

If you haven’t done so lately, go make stuff with a kid.  It’s worth it.

One thought on “Honors and Accolades”

  1. Joel,

    The accolades and kudos are coming your way from VBS “kids” in Cedar Key who are now mamas and papas!

    You are leaving an indelible mark on many lives with your work.

    I’m proud of the work you do and enjoy bragging that you are my nephew.

    Uncle Dave

    David Binkley, Sr. Gospel Minister Cedar Key Church of Christ

    PO Box 417 Cedar Key, FL 32625

    Office: 352-477-5050 Home phone: 352-215-0368 Cell phone: 352-213-2771

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