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Concept Art - EnvironmentThe really exciting thing about technology is how inexpensive and available many processes are to us in the classroom.

The really terrifying thing about technology is the massive amount of stuff we have available to us and the expectation that in addition to the processes we’ve already become comfortable teaching, the things we were taught to do, we must engage in things that we do not feel fully prepared to take on.

We are faced with questions like:

What is art now?  What does it mean to be an artists and what skills do artists need?

How do the answers to these questions change the choices I make in materials, time spent, and learning experiences for my students?

These aren’t just questions for higher ed or high school.  If the nature of the field has changed, and the skills needed have changed, then the way we teach and what we emphasize changes all the way back to kindergarten.

Yes.  Composition is still composition.  Drawing is still drawing.  These are things that I think will always be foundational.  But we can’t prepare students for art in the 21st century and beyond by only providing them with the tools of the 20th century and before.

I confess that I am conflicted about this.  There is no question of whether this process or that is valuable.  They all are.  The challenge is, given limited time and resources, where do we place or emphasis?

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